Updated 5/23/24 Thursday …. HUGE SHIPMENT OF ROSES JUST ARRIVED!. STARTING 5/25/24 OUR HOURS WILL CHANGE TO 8AM-5PM. PLEASE REMEMBER THIS INVENTORY IS NOT 100% ACCURATE AS ITEMS SELL QUICKLY. 1000’s PERENNIALS IN BLOOM! VEGETABLES ARRIVE MON-WED ONLY. PARKING IN MAIN LOT RESERVED FOR HANDICAP & OVER 65 ON BUSY DAYS. CAN’T FIND AN ITEM? SEND US AN EMAIL. WELL BEHAVED PETS ON LEASH WELCOME After you select a category below, click bold “Botanical Name” for a plant care sheet (pdf). If you don’t have free Adobe Acrobat Reader software, you may download it here: Adobe Reader (Hit “Control+F” on your keyboard on the Complete Inventory Page to search for items)

**DISCLAIMER** WE ARE A SMALL FAMILY BUSINESS AND NOT A CHAIN STORE. Please understand that items may sell out quickly so send us an email if you are driving a long distance for larger quantities, and we can give you more information about inventory. If you need a large quantity (15+ of the same item) of product please email us, and we will try to bring in extra. Sorry, we do not have holding area or sufficient staff to hold orders. This list changes nightly, and IT IS NOT PERFECT! (“by request” means an item we can try to order, but may take 1-2 weeks / “on order” means currently on order, but no confirmed ETA)

Please remember that we are an outlet and not a full-service garden center. We offer superior signage so that customers can get all the plant info they need instantly. There are minimal employees to keep prices low.