Why are the prices so low?

You are buying direct from the grower with no middle-man. Since our nursery is located here in Loganville we save a lot of money in shipping costs. We also have many contacts in the business, and often one of our partners has surplus of a plant which we can secure at a deeply discounted price. You will notice we have large lots of shrubs in stock and by buying the most popular cultivars in large quantities we are able sell them to you at a great price.

Also, you will notice that there are few employees at Grower’s Outlet. Our store is primarily self-serve, and this helps us keep down our prices. We are happy to try and answer questions when we are able, and we supply very detailed signs that should answer all your questions. Please click on the bold botanical names on our Availability page to see a .pdf of plant information.

Do you guarantee your plants?

We are determined to sell quality plants and bulbs at the best prices. We have built a name for our store solely by word of mouth and would never knowingly sell unhealthy plants. We receive constant compliments from our customers that our plants perform the best, because being locally grown they are acclimated and go through little shock when planting in local gardens.

However, there are a lot of factors which can cause a plant to die as it is a product of nature. Georgia red clay, late frosts, root nematodes, rodents, digging dogs, improper watering – just to name a few – can cause the demise of a healthy plant. Unfortunately, we can not afford to replace plants. We would rather offer quality plants at lower prices below other retailers. Large retailers offering a plant guarantee build the rate of returns into their cost, and this has been a major factor in steadily increasing price of plants in the past few years at many stores.

We are always available to help you understand what may have gone wrong with your plant, and we recommend you send us an email or drop by as soon as you see the plant looking unhappy. Many times we find the problem is simply too much sun or water.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash, Check (with a valid, current driver’s license), debit, Visa, American Express, and Mastercard. There is a $10.00 minimum purchase to pay with debit, Visa, Discover, American Express, or Mastercard.

Do you have a phone?

We do not accept incoming calls due to minimal staffing. We have an outgoing message with our hours, directions, and specials at 770-466-0119. However, we are not able to return calls at this number. Our entire plant inventory is updated daily on our Availability page with care information on each plant. This information is provided in .pdf format and can be printed out or saved to your computer for future reference

Though we don’t accept telephone calls, we do strive to answer emails daily. Please contact us if you have an inquiry.

Can I order plants?

We bring in shrubs from our suppliers every week, and we receive trucks of plants every day of the week. Feel free to ask us if you are interested in a specific plant, and if we can get the plant we will give you a call when it arrives. We also have a call list at the checkout where you can make plant requests. We can not guarantee what we can find, but we will try our best to look from the plant from our partner suppliers.

Do you recycle pots?

We currently only accept 1 gal and 3 gal black pots and trays. Sorry, unable to take printed pots at this time or cell packs.

Why do you close in certain times of the year?

In brief, because of the weather! While you can plant almost year round in Georgia due to relatively mild weather, it can be daunting to keep a new plant correctly watered in 100 degree weather during a 6 week drought.

The best seasons to plant in Georgia are spring and fall (the best!), because plants grow roots best at this time of the year. When there are extreme temperatures or drought, a new plant will not establish roots and is therefore completely dependent on you to supply water and nutrients in the correct amounts. Keep in mind if you are planting trees and shrubs the selection and quality are best in the fall, and they will have the least amount of shock during the planting process.

We are typically open from Valentine’s until mid-June for spring. In the fall we are open from late August until early December.