Grower’s Outlet recommends this useful culture information:

Armitage’s Great Garden Plants Appfor iOS and Android
Attracting Birds  •  Butterfly Gardening
Camellia Culture
Care of Ornamental Plants in the Landscape
Common Tomato Diseases in Georgia
Crape Myrtle Culture
Deer Resistant Plants  •  Deer Tolerant Plants II
Diseases of Leyland Cypress in the Home Landscape
Flowering Bulbs for Georgia Gardeners
Flowering Perennials for Georgia Gardeners
Gardening in Containers Using Tropical Plants
Groundcovers for Georgia
Growing Azaleas  •  Growing Bamboos
Growing Citrus  •  Growing Daylily
Growing Dogwood  •  Growing Ferns
Growing Hostas  •  Growing Hydrangeas
Growing Southern Magnolia
Home Gardening  •  Home Garden Apples
Home Garden Blueberries  •  Home Garden Grapes
Home Garden Figs  •  Home Garden Muscadines
Home Garden Pear Trees  • Home Garden Strawberries
**Helpful**  Landscape Plants for Georgia
Liriope Culture in Georgia
Native Plants for Georgia I – Trees, Shrubs, & Vines
Native Plants for Georgia II – Ferns
Native Plants for Georgia III – Wildflowers
Nematodes: The Invisible Plant Killer
Ornamental Plantings over Septic Fields
Overwintering Bananas
Pampas Grass
Plants for Wet Areas
Pruning Ornamental Plants in the Landscape
Rose Culture for Georgia Gardeners
Success with Pansies
Vegetable Garden Calendar

Sourced from: Gwinnett Cooperative Extension, UGA Gardener Publications, UGA Trial Gardens, Walter Reeves, and Georgia Gold Medal Plants.

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